Financing your hair transplant

Novohair has a collaboration with SPARXPRES which makes it possible to offer you an interest free and free of charge financing
of your hair transplant. Apart from our low prices in Denmark or Germany, our financing makes it possible for you to afford your life changing hair treatment

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It is easy and quick to apply
1. SPARXPRES deals with your application and return to you with an answer. Either by standard mail or per e-mail. 2. The promissory note is sent to you, signed by you and returned to SPARXPRES 3. When SPARXPRES receives the signed note from you the loan amount is settled directly with Novohair in Copenhagen.
Miscellaneous other information

SPARXPRES is part of Spar Nord Bank A/S and under the supervision of Finanstilsynet (FSA), Arhusgade 110, 2100 København Ø, Phone: 3355 8282,

Further information:
If you have any questions please contact SPARXPRES on mail: or phone: +45 9616 1300