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Natural and lifelong

When you choose Novohair it is your guarantee for a professional and safe treatment. In addition, treatments at Novohair are more cost friendly compared to e.g., London and other European cities.

Fue – the most effective hair transplant available

Novohair in Copenhagen and Berlin has the most experienced team of specialists in Europe. We use well documented, well tested and effective treatment methods which will give you a natural and lifelong result. By choosing a treatment at Novohair in Germany or Denmark you gain a seal of approval for your safety, guarantee and results. On top of that you will find that our treatments are much more cost friendly than in many other European countries.

Novohair’s special team of specialists are all approved by Danish Healthcare Authorities and are all allowed to perform treatments for hair loss. This means that you don’t have to take your chances with bad results and treatments gone wrong. We strongly advise that you do not receive treatments at clinics where the doctor’s authority can be questioned.

NovoHair - Hair Transplant clinics in Denmark and Germany
NovoHair - Hair Transplant clinics in Denmark and Germany

Discreet and gentle

Our hair loss treatments are very gentle and you will not feel any type of pain before, under or after the hair treatment. All hair transplants are carried out without the use of scalpel or stitches.

At Novohair we have the utmost respect for your need for discretion. Therefore, we have developed a method which allows us to carry out the hair transplant with almost no visible signs of the treatment except your new, life changing hair.

We can treat you with no need for shaving or a haircut. The treatment is very discreet. No one will notice that you have had a treatment unless you choose to tell them.

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