Treatment guarantee

Novohairs experienced team use many years of knowledge and the latest technology to give you the best treatment, follow up and result.

We already have 1000 satisfied clients who can recommend us and we guarantee that 90% of the transplanted hair will growth out again.

We offer you a free top up treatment if necessary.

Online consultation

We do all we can to make you feel safe and comfortable

Novohair has treated more than 1000 patients who are very satisfied with their new hair

We really appreciate your trust and we will do all we can to give you a good experience at the clinic.

We will be gentle and precise in order to obtain the perfect result. And we will respect if you have any concerns or dislikes.

Prior to your hair transplant, we will inform you thoroughly about the procedure – also during the treatment.

All our treatments are 100% painless – also the anesthesia.

We offer you consierge, taxi service and even an ‘umbrella escort’ for our patients if it rains.

All our treatment rooms have comfortable Tempur chairs, music and the chance to watch a movie. You can listen to your favorite music or watch a nice movie while lying under a soft and comfortable blanket.