FUE Hair transplant

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction – is the most gentle and effective treatment of hair loss

There are two different FUE techniques – manual and motorized FUE. During a FUE treatment, the doctor carefully extracts the individual hair follicles from the donor area – typically the back of the head or the sides. The follicles are then placed individually in the receiving area. You will feel no pain and the treatment will not be visible. The hair in the donor area will remain as before the treatment since this area is very dense.

Apart from being painless for the patient and leaving no scars, FUE allows the doctor to obtain a natural result by determining both nuances and the growth direction of the transplanted hair.

Manuel FUE is performed by hand and with the help of a microscopic, round instrument - a puncher – with a diameter of under 1 mm. The doctor uses the instrument to extract the hair follicles by carefully turning the instrument under the skin around the hair follicles, pulling them up one by one.

Apart from being very gentle, the technique allows the doctor to select the exact hair follicles that will be best suitable for the treatment.

Motorized FUE is a technique where the doctor uses a so called micro motor or FUE engine. A micro motor is, as the name suggests, a round, sharp instrument with a motor to extract individual hair follicles. The doctor places the instrument’s round blade around the hair follicle and activate the micro motor. It then rotates the blade so that it enters the skin and extracts the hair follicle.

Motorized FUE method allows the doctor to extract several hair follicles in shorter time and thereby minimizing the length of the treatment significantly. This is a huge advantage when performing comprehensive hair transplants.

The combination of these proven, reliable and well-documented techniques allows the extraction of multiple hair in shorter time and increases the survival rate of the transplanted hair. This gives the treatment a perfect result.

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Lion Implanter

The Lion Implanter Pen is a new and groundbreaking instrument for hair loss treatments.

The Lion Implanter Pen is a new and groundbreaking instrument for hair loss treatment. It is very gentle for the patient and gives significantly better results compared to other treatment methods.

Previously doctors had to perform small round incisions in the skin and the hair follicles where then placed with a tweezer. The Lion Implanter eliminates the necessity of performing small incisions in the skin and thereby minimizes scaring and healing time. By reducing the healing time after the treatment the survival rate of the transplanted hair will be increased and the result will be much better.

When using the Choi Implanter for hair transplants gives proven and better results since the hair follicles can be placed with much greater precision during the treatment.